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TD4/Danny? Maybe!


There’s a nice pretty rotation behind the wave just coming off Africa.  Looks like a decent chance of it spinning up into something more fun.  Guess we’ll know more this time tomorrow.

You can’t see the rotation from this water vapor image, but see the funkiness between the canaries and africa? Yeah. Rar.

Hurricane Bill is going out to sea, another threat to Texas.

Ana died with a whimper.  Claudette did too.  Bill is getting big, but is only a threat to Bermuda.

There’s an un-invested area of interest just off the yucatan (about 85’W 20’N) with rotation and pressure characteristics that make it worth attention.  Steering currents would send it to the central Texas coast.  It likely won’t develop into much.

Invest 91L declared off Florida, TS Ana and TS Bill in the Atlantic, and a wave off Africa to become Invest 92L

Wow this has been one active day.  It might be easier to whine about what isn’t affected right now.   Okay here we go:

Invest 91L is off Florida and tracking for New Orleans or so.  Might become a TD, maybe.

TS Bill grew FAST and is well formed way off Africa in the Atlantic.  You can also see the next area of interest in the wave coming off Africa now.  This might become Hurricane Claudette:

Bill should easily become a hurricane but is now tracking up east of Florida and might be a fish:

TS Ana, of course, is a day and a half off Puerto Rico and tracking for NOLA too:

So, busy day.  Wonder what tomorrow will bring.