I’m looking for a good under water digital camera

Yep.  I need a camera that’s reasonably shockproof and water resistant, and will occasionally go under water for cool pictures.  I’ve looked at a couple now, and camera manufacturers just don’t seem to get a few points.

First I reviewed the Vivitar V8400.  It’s pure crap.  It just plain feels light and cheap, the buttons are loose but don’t take presses half the time, and the image quality isn’t significantly better than my cameraphone.  Plus it uses a proprietary connection for the USB cable, a major no-no.

I’ve looked at a few olympus models, and they seem to have better quality, but have even more proprietary features that exclude them.

Thus the search continues.  I just want a camera that can get wet and doesn’t have flashy custom features.  It shouldn’t be hard.  If someone made one that met a few basic requirements, I’d buy it immediately:
Waterproof or very water resistant
Takes standard AA batteries
Takes a standard mini USB plug
Takes standard CF, SD, or micro-SD memory cards

I’m not buying your cheap lock-in crap from china.  If my old HP photosmart M417 were waterproof (and not broken), it would be a clear win.


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