Some dirt at Fentress

Holly and Debbie had to stop at Staples and fix a hole in their boat.  The womens boat after them was similarly delayed, but I didn’t hear why.

Yonley/Rendon are running about eight minutes behind the rask/yonley/feaster boat, and that lag is growing.  It’s pretty much the same for the RYF boat following Belizeian boat.  The bookies are offering even odds on grupo taca burning out and falling way behind.  Not that it’s ever happened before…  Yonley/Rendon and Rask/Yonley/Feaster are trucking along at a derrick-steady pace.

Tim Curry lost his neck towel some way above Martindale, but seemed to be handling it well.

Rebekah Zeek wasn’t long behind him, and was looking solid.  The portages seemed a mere annoyance, but saved her the gouged skid plate that Curry earned on the dam and the hang and scrape that an aluminum boat right behind her got on the approach to the bridge.


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