Neck and neck for first place at Gonzales 183

314 and 221 both signed in and out at 23:30.  Word has it that 314 took water at the dam, portage.  They saw that 221 was stopping for water at the checkpoint site and put the juice on.  221 had their bow light off when approaching the dam just behind 314, but when they turned it on it was yellowish… Does this spell light trouble for the derrick kids?  They seem to be making steady gains all night.  We’ll see how the order works out at Hochheim in about four hours or so.

In more drama, 44 (Mynar) signed in just before 20 (Yonley/Rendon) at 00:40 – 44 signed out at 00:40, 20 a minute later. 

As of 01:20, those are the only boats past Gonzo 183.


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