Monday night stories

I’ve slept almost as little as a team captain. Two hours at hocheim, and some half napping at the swb last night. Managed to show up just in time for the five man at both places.

It’s about 21:30 on monday and a whole six boats are in.
314 at 07:23
221 07:53
44 10:58 (+1 hr penalty for no pfd)
20 16:17
4 16:32
807 18:03

Pete rask of 221 told stories of a mile long log jam. Portaging the full length intead of putting in for a short stretch in the middle was faster.

Jim pye in 101 was listed as out when I checked palmetto sp. It’s said his stern handle broke while going down luling dam and he took too much boat damage. Zoltan is also out, but I haven’t heard why.

There are tales of a pack of six or seven boats that passed the wooden bridge an hour or so ago. People are starting to line up on the water and look for them.

Rebekah zeek in 175 is still cranking along and in great shape. Orr/richardson in 279 (?) weren’t feeling well but pressing on. See the previous post for a video explanation of a possible cause. Okay, i’m out to do more scouting when I should be sleeping.


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