Very interesting tropical wave off the Canary Islands

It’s the only one circled, below (Fig 1).  I told you guys to watch it Wednesday when it was hopping off Africa.  Looks like others are on the bandwagon.  The steering currents are potentially favorable to bring it over the Yucatan and up the Texas coast.  It will have to make it across some moderate shear off Central America (Fig 2), assuming the shear stays in place, which is likely for a week.  It’s also lined up for a good shot of hot water off the NE of South America, extending west from Guyana (Fig 3), though the Gulf has been cooling a little and western temps are low enough to moderate any storm.

This is still a couple of weeks out, so don’t place much stock in this at all.  As always, be prepared for hurricane season, but don’t go crazy.



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