Windows live sync has been annoying me lately.

It’s been too long since the last substantial update, and they’re still missing some important bug fixes and necessary additions.

Bug fixes:
WLS loses my saved sign in information when it encounters any connectivity issue.

Necessary features:
Eliminate the 20k file limit: I had more than 20k pictures when you first increased the limit.  Get it started at near 100k, work up from there.
Programmatic folder addition: I have to manually set up every folder every time I reimage a computer.  BS.  There needs to be a way to do this with at least a registry edit, if not a command line option.
Common folder sync options: in the options dialog, there should be a tab with check boxes for “pictures”, “music”, “favorites”, “documents” etc.  Check the box, it syncs that folder in your profile with the corresponding folder on skydrive (or at least with every other WLS client).
Skydrive sync support: I know it’s coming, but I want to stop hearing excuses or a total lack of communication.  Just get it done.

Fin rant.


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