fourth day on the road… austin and interviews

I woke up in Seguin, behind some hotel.  There was woods behind me, which was good, because I didn’t feel like moving till after eight.  My knee was STILL killing me after bashing it sunday night.  Eventually I got going and headed up to san marcos.  Somewhere north of Geronimo, the engine felt sluggish from wet stacking, so I floored it… and blew off an intake pipe.  I limped to a parking lot and got that put on, then I stopped at tractor supply in SM to get a spare fuel filter.  Running on half settled veggie oil is rough on the filters.  As I was filling back up with some half settled oil, a San Marcos PD cruiser pulled up next to me.  He got out, eyed my truck over, and said “how are you doing sir?”  I proceeded to crap my pance while pleasantly replying “great thanks, and you?” He said “doing well thanks” and went on inside.  I’ve been pulled over several times on suspicion of draining tanks for diesel, but the smell probably convinced him that I was either not pumping diesel, or too nasty to bother with. Then I headed on up to Austin.

I spent the morning in the gym, especially getting a hot shower, then hade a late breakfast/lunch while reviewing for a tech skills screening.  Then I met up with Will and we went bike shopping.  He wanted some gay road bike to ride around town in.  Well we got him sized at a shop but they didn’t have anything he liked.  Kyndall gave me a couple of pep talks through the day which were pretty helpful despite me playing cool.

Had the interview while on a break from looking for bikes with will at a gelato shop.  Had some chocolate orange gelato that was awesome.  Aced the interview, which was a tech screening in the form of the interviewer asking questions and me answering.  I finally had to guess at some obscure out of date active directory question from about seven years ago, and he said “well it was about time you got one wrong”.  I think kyndall was almost proud of me.

After that, will and I stopped for a drink at spider house.  Then we went and tried to find where his bike was for sale, and eventually did.  There were two slight women selling said bike – I think they were intimidated by two rough looking guys coming up just after dark to look at it.  It didn’t help that as soon as he got his hands on it, Will rode off down the street.  I then proclaimed to the two women that I would stay as collateral.  They got a lot less nervous at that point.  So Will came back, and actually paid for his purchase in cashy money, and all were happy as we left to dine on burgers with R.

After the delicious burgers, we deposited R at their home and went to wash my clothes and talk about beer.  We sat in Ruthylicious (my truck), drinking beer, and watching downloaded episodes of no reservations.  We drank too much beer.  I switched my clothes to the dryer, then we drank more beer, and watched another episode.  The clothes finished about ten minutes before the mat closed.  I quickly folded them and stuffed them back in my case, then we sat in my truck and drank more beer.  The guy in the laundromat closed up and turned off the lights… we sat and drank more beer.  A few minutes after that, a flatbed wrecker pulled into the lot and idled right behind my truck for a while.  Will and I talked it out, and he decided that the driver was going to tow us or the car next to us – but he couldn’t get that car with us parked where we were.  So we waited.  Then we were out of beer.  We talked some more, and decided that Will would stay with the idling truck while I went next door to the convenience store to get more beer.  I strapped my Glock back on my side and sauntered on in. Now, even with my messed up knee, I don’t have much of a limp, but I wasn’t wearing a belt, and I’ve recently lost about fifteen pounds, so my jeans weren’t quite staying up on their own.  I somehow managed to get through the store with my right hand holding my shirt down and over my gun held up and my left hand carrying beer, getting out money, and paying.  I’m almost certain the cashier knew exactly what I was doing with my right hand, and to his credit he didn’t so much as flinch.  Of course I paid for my beer with a smile and walked out the door like a model customer.  So I went back out to the truck, and the wrecker was still there.  I sat with my gun in hand ready to defend my life, liberty, and mobile sovereign property (hey, any motor vehicle with sleeping area is considered “residential property” under Texas penal code).  Finally the frustrated wrecker driver drove off.  I secured my handgun and cracked a beer in celebration.

After more beer, we drove back to will’s place.  Of course I couldn’t stay there.  R is working on a paper all night.  So will and I proceeded to drink more beer in my truck (are you seeing a theme here?) while parked in the lot next door.  It was packed, except for the big mud pit in the middle of it.  Being me, I turned on the four wheel drive, and pulled right into the middle of the mud pit.  We finished another six pack of tall boys while watching no reservations.  Will, thoroughly drunk, decided it was time for bed.  He opened his door, and almost stepped down into two feet of mud.  We had a good laugh, then I backed out of the pit and let him stumble on home.  Then I pulled back into the middle of it.

So here I sit, about midnight, in my truck, after drinking too much lone star, surrounded by mud, and about to sleep in my back seat.  God Bless Texas.


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