Next trip, seeing the shuttle launch in Florida

I heard last week that the launch was postponed until 5 April and decided I had to go see it.  I’m spending the week at home, fine tuning the truck and prepping for the trip.  I’ll need at least 150 gal of fuel for the whole trip, but that shouldn’t be too hard to get.  I have at least 100 gal of it on hand.

Now here’s where it gets fun.  I’ve been trolling for bids to undercut.  Not having to pay for fuel makes hauling loads a LOT cheaper.  I already got a bid on taking someone’s dog the whole way with me.  If I get the other two prime jobs I undercut, I’ll also be able to take a couch and a boat.  That will pay for a lot of fun on the trip.  It looks like a ton of people I know are going to go see the launch too.  That might make for a fun week.

The plan is to leave early Saturday, get there mid Sunday, and see things go down at sunrise on Monday.  More later.


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