Going East, day one

So I picked up Buc (the dog I’m taking to Florida as cargo) yesterday so I could get off early today.  And I did.  I left Pearland through thick fog that smelled of azaleas.  It was kinda sad to have to leave it behind. 

The drive out through East Texas and Louisiana was exactly as it has been the hundred other times I’ve made it.  Hit rain going into mississippi and had to slow down for a bit.  On a hill in Mobile my auxilary tank sucked in air and I had to run on diesel till I got out of the city.  I filled the auxiliary tank back up… and it overflowed.  I guess I had about 30 gallons left in it.  Got a nice mess in the back of my truck for my trouble, and made a mess of myself.  On the bright side, the Arby’s where I stopped let me drain their grease trap, and I completely filled the now empty drum up with oil to settle.  I’ll be doing just fine on fuel for most of the week.

I took 331 down from IH-10 to try to get into a park for the night, but it was full.  I drove through grayson beach and seaside and everything in between to see the sights.  I finally stopped at a little public access point just off 98 somewhere east of Seaside.  I’m glad I did – the camera won’t get it, but there’s bioluminescent algae in the water, so the waves are shining bright blue green.  Buc loved the beach, but was scared of the water.  He slept for most of the driving, and when he was awake he preferred to stare at me or the back of the seat.

We’re down for bed now.  Buc is snoring.


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