Going East, day three, launch and lost

Didn’t sleep much last night, but got up in plenty of time to see the launch.  Ran into the jacksons, kittles, and a rask.  Cell data service died, as did my plan to stream nasa tv leading up to it.  Oh well.  The launch was pretty much super – a night launch in all but name.  It was preceded by an ISS flyover, and the sun hit the contrail as it rose and led to visual awesomeness.


So after the launch I filled up my auxiliary tank again, and it overflowed again.  I need to look into that capacity thing.  Then I drove south.  I had a line on a hotshot load to tally, but the shipper abandoned it.  I made it to Vero before I decided to stop and see the beach.  Spent a couple of hours at the beach, pulled back to a Lowes and worked on my truck.  Pulled three injectors for inspection, but all seemed well.  She worked better after that, and I found a leaky fuel line in the back that might be related to the performance issues.  I’ll fix it tomorrow.

I started going south again just to see how far I’d get, but pulled off at Indio.  I saw a van stopped with the hood up so I stopped to help.  I met the Jarrett family, their engine died and they needed a tow and a lift.  Had a nice little adventure involving ferrying some of them to a gas station, then taking them back to Vero so they could get the van fixed and get a motel.  Now I’m in Vero again about to drift to sleep.  Maybe I’ll get that boat shipping job.  That would be super, and pay decently.


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