pyxlated on libertarianism

Libertarianism is built around a single idea: "The government which governs best governs least." Essentially because more power = more corruption. While this is technically true, it is an idea fragment, not a political platform. (One could accuse it of being anarchism for adults.) In recent years, that ideological vacuum has been filled by a mashup of hardline conservatism, reactionary conspiracy theories and (oddly enough) disenfranchised liberals seeking greater personal freedoms. While its dedication to civil liberty is admirable, beware of the bedfellows it attracts: rhetoric calls for the dissolution of such essential public services as the public school system, medicare, even road maintenance. Taxation of any kind, for any reason, is anathema, and Ron Paul has professed that he does not believe in evolution. (Think about that for a minute. He’s a medical professional, and he doesn’t believe in the scientific foundation of modern biology.) When recently interviewed about the party’s stance on protection against racism in public places, Rand Paul (Ron Paul’s son and successor) chose to condone racism by refusing to answer the question. No other party member has stepped forward to say otherwise.

Libertarianism gained huge popularity during the decline of the Bush years thanks to the Internet’s support, it being the only party that publicly condemned copyright enforcement and supported greater personal freedom. Unfortunately, many supporters (such as myself) failed to investigate the fine print of Libertarianism’s platform, and didn’t realize until it was too late that we were in bed with conspiracy nuts, creationists, anarchists and bigots.


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