Nine years ago, this week

I woke up late, hopped on IRC, joined my paintball channel, and everyone said “GLASS GO TURN ON A TV NOW!”
I got it on just in time to see the towers fall.

The rest of the morning was spent reading and relaying the CNN closed captioning channel. Web sites wouldn’t work, lots of information was missing.

Two days later, I was on my way to a client’s site to work. There was practically nobody out there. I went minutes without seeing another car. I was going down 45 between Houston and Galveston on the salt flats, took my foot off the accelerator, and coasted until stopped, probably over a mile. Then I got out and walked down the freeway, car off and door open. The world felt completely empty. No cars were on the road. No planes were in the sky, that was the real creepy part. The skies felt dead. The only sounds were the wind in the salt grass and my shoes slapping the pavement that’s never touched by anything but tires.
I walked a hundred feet down the freeway, turned around, got back in, and left. I’ll never forget that feeling.


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