Got mold?

Stolen from Reddit

Got mold? It’s hard to get rid of. (i.e, the following is a summary of a recent nightmare I’ve endured). It can take weeks to remove all visible mold and prevent it from coming back.

First, solve the moisture problem; open windows more, install dehumidifiers or run air conditioner often, check plumbing / seals for leaks, check for entering rain water etc.

Get a cheap temperature/humidity meter or two and place them around your house. I got two that are solar powered (they run off indoor lights) for $15/ea at a hardware store. The relative humidity should be <55% for as much of the time as possible but preferably lower.

Then, clean away the mold with a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner (on rough surfaces), or clean with bleach (hard surfaces, tiles etc) but this won’t KILL the mold.

Now, kill the mold spores which are remaining by buying some distilled (‘pure’) clove oil from Name Your Linkamazon or a health store. Put about 1/2 tablespoon of the oil into about half a cup of methylated spirits (or denatured spirits, different named in different places around the world) and stir. Dilute this to 1 liter with water and then wipe the moldy surface: WORKS AMAZING FOR MOLDY SHOWERS. Clove oil is an incredible thing!

Lastly, some things are essentially ruined by mold in most cases and cannot be treated; leather and carpets are two examples. Throw them out.

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