Windows Phone Apps

I keep searching for this list of apps that I post around.  It’s the stuff I use all the time on my LG Quantum and pretty much consider killer.

  • Multicheckin – automatic foursquare checkin

  • Sleep master – monitors sleep cycle through the accelerometer and sounds an alarm near your target time when you’re in the lightest sleep

  • Stormglass (free, sideload only) – weather that can automatically update its live tile with the current location and conditions

  • Outdoor Navigation – topo and street maps from a variety of sources, breadcrumbs, map caching, made for hiking/biking/offroading

  • accurate tuner (free) – music instrument tuner

  • Amazon mobile (free) – includes upc scanner and one click buying

  • lookuptonight – iridium flares and ISS passes for current location through heavens above

  • myfitnesspal (free) – exercise and food intake log

I’m also looking at Radio Controlled and MetroRadio even though Pandora STILL doesn’t work right on the pc.


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