Windows Phone 8 still sucks

So I’m feeling the age and suck of WP7.8 on my LG Quantum.  It’s almost three years old, can’t work as a wireless access point, and I’m starting to feel some envy for features like NFC tags.  I went looking for a replacement and I was not impressed.

First off, I’m an admitted Microsoft fanboy, so my first requirement was that it run windows phone.  I’m nominally in bed with ATT, so I looked at their phones first.  That left me with a choice between an HTC 8X and Nokia Lumia 920.  But ATT fcked the dog on both, neither are very available, and they can’t even figure out where the wirelss charger is stocked (‘cause it sure ain’t in any warehouse).

But even if I could get around that, there are still dealbreakers.  Neither phone has a built in keyboard.  That’s been a requirement since day one.  I don’t care if the phone is thicker (in fact, I would strongly prefer that if it had a better battery life – this barely 22 hours of run time thing doesn’t cut it).  Friends told me to get with the decade and just use the on screen keyboard.  I figured I would consider it, then use a tiny bluetooth keyboard for serious typing… then research showed that Windows Phone 8, the shiny new version that they just rebuilt from the ground up DOESN’T SUPPORT BLUETOOTH HID PROFILES.  Seriously.  Basic functionality, removed in the previous version, STILL isn’t there.

It also doesn’t support opening WAV profiles.  Apparently the built in audio app is crippled and only supports an archaic (and almost completely unused) style of PCM codec in WAV files, and you can’t change what app opens them.  So you won’t be listening to anything you’re sent through MMS, or your voicemail, or anything else except music you sync.

There are all sorts of other less important failures too.  But yeah, there are just too many dealbreakers here.  What kills me is that they have been major issues for three or four years now, and they either haven’t been addressed, or they are critical features that have been dropped since the last version.

Onward to Android?

1 thought on “Windows Phone 8 still sucks

  1. David

    I too switched from WP 7 to 8 and was shocked to see, even the basic functions sucks. I thought wth i’ll use it as a media player, again wtf. no decent music player app in the store. No on screen volume control. wtf microsoft, wtf windows phone 8 wtf wtf wtf….


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