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Signing off from TWS 2009

I’m out of news and need sleep.  It was hot, rough, rougher for the racers, and lots of fun as always.  I’m looking forward to racing again.  For further updates, see the official news and times at and stories and other info at

See you all next year.


Well that’s it

Last of the pics are just about done uploading.  I’ll be collecting, tagging, sorting, and distributing later.  Email me and tell me if you have pics to add to the collection.

Holly and Debbie looked really good coming in, finished around 14:00.  Rebekah looked really tired, but passed a couple of boats and kept on rolling like a champ.  She should have been in an hour before nightfall.

Tim Curry managed to keep it up in the bay until about twenty feet before the finish line.  He looked really happy about that.

I’m going to sleep.  But pray for the Rask family, they had a family emergency and had to leave before the awards.

The scoop from CJ

CJ Hall posted this at about midnight.  LOTS of good dirt.  This morning, he and Zoltan were seen talking about Zoltan’s duct tape job.  Apparently the rough river wore right through the tape and he just couldn’t make it last long enough.  From

Well I got to a computer.
All the people are keeping up with actual times and stuff and I am not.
So here is the C.J. Scoop.
I spent the night at the Ottine Portage Saturday. A very interesting place to be.
The first boat came through. (The Belize Dudes) at around 5:30pm.
They looked bad. Tired, muddy and in a bad mood. It seemed like it took them forever to get through it.
Next was the Houston Kids. (That’s what I call them). They looked like they just got in the water an hour earlier.
Other than Fred They were the smoothest boat I saw all night.
Fred came through with a 21 minute lead on West. West broke his boat but did one of the best Gorilla Tape jobs I have seen in a while.
The field was wide spread by then so there was some space between boats.
Bugge did great through there. I enjoyed Erin with her commentary between her and her boat.
Rebecca came through about 2 hours after Ginse who was with the lead C1. The second C1 was right behind them with holes in his boat.
He looked good but the boat didn’t.
Zoltan came in and slept there for about 3 hours along with a 2 man boat that did the same. They left before daylight and looked much better.
I am not sure what happened to them afterward but if they played there cards right they passed allot of sleeping boats at Palmetto.
The guys in the big wide Blue boat came up and said they were quitting. One of them said he broke his arm.
I consulted Jerry Cochran and he brought them to get there team Captain to get there boat.
I will give them the Crazy award this year. When Jerry and I grabbed there boat to get it up the hill it didn’t move.
Let me reiterate that for clarity.
When Jerry Cochran grabs a boat and it doesn’t move that translates as HEAVY.
How they got it that far with a broke foot. (Oh Yea) They started with a broke foot and he hurt his arm at Cummings with a lead lined boat is mind boggling.
The last boat was an aluminum came through at 6:15 am.
Carlton and I came on to Seadrift and rested for a while.
I helped Babs with the Web Cam and some set up things on Sunday and that was about it.
Today the Belize Dudes won. (Bummer) The Houston kids were about 30 minutes behind.
If there would have been 1 more long portage the Kids would have creamed them. If that team stays together the Belize dudes are TOAST.
I cant wait to see that.
Then Fred was a bit behind. 3rd Overall and First Solo. All anyone can say about that is WOW.
Yonely came in and a few more.
The highlight of the evening so far was Team Bad Dog (Tandem). 10pm or so.
They got out and carried there boat the last 3/4 mile across the finish line.
Perfectly legal and considering the wind total Genious.
No one at the Pavilion was expecting that.
Once again, I am not up on who is where or who is out.
All I can say is I am enjoying helping all the volunteers with everyone’s endeavors,

Tuesday morning, seadrift

Well I passed out last night. At least it wasn’t while driving. Fifteen boats in. Looks like I just missed a good three way race for thirteenth place.

place number time
7 6200 21:58
8 331 22:38
9 321 01:00
10 117 04:18
11 1920 05:12
12 388 06:59
13 1729 07:05:01
14 1001 07:05:02
15 241 07:08

Rebekah Zeek in 175 passed dupont just after dawn (about 07:00).  Orr/Richardson in 279 (?) passed the salt water barrier at about the same time.

Monday night stories

I’ve slept almost as little as a team captain. Two hours at hocheim, and some half napping at the swb last night. Managed to show up just in time for the five man at both places.

It’s about 21:30 on monday and a whole six boats are in.
314 at 07:23
221 07:53
44 10:58 (+1 hr penalty for no pfd)
20 16:17
4 16:32
807 18:03

Pete rask of 221 told stories of a mile long log jam. Portaging the full length intead of putting in for a short stretch in the middle was faster.

Jim pye in 101 was listed as out when I checked palmetto sp. It’s said his stern handle broke while going down luling dam and he took too much boat damage. Zoltan is also out, but I haven’t heard why.

There are tales of a pack of six or seven boats that passed the wooden bridge an hour or so ago. People are starting to line up on the water and look for them.

Rebekah zeek in 175 is still cranking along and in great shape. Orr/richardson in 279 (?) weren’t feeling well but pressing on. See the previous post for a video explanation of a possible cause. Okay, i’m out to do more scouting when I should be sleeping.