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Invest 97L in the atlantic

I seriously doubt this one is going to spin up, and even if it does it will probably stumble over central america and disappear.  But it’s a good chance to check your hurricane closet and make sure you’re ready.

With El Nino firmly in place, and a high pressure ridge sitting over Texas, it’s unlikely that we’ll see any significant tropical weather this year or next.  Don’t go crazy, but HYST.


Swine flu part three (don’t listen to the doom and gloom)

While we’re up to almost two thousand officially suspected cases and over a hundred deaths, it’s not all that bad.  It spreads about like any other flu, we have stockpiles of drugs that effectively treat it, and nobody outside of third world mexico has died of it.  Most domestic cases have recovered completely.  It’s all just getting a lot more publicity – if this weren’t an H1N1 flu strain, nobody would give it a second thought.

That said, it’s one quick mutation away from being pretty deadly.  Don’t let your guard down, just don’t panic.

AP article: …ovTCAD97QOF500

CDC info:

PANIC and stuff!

Swine flu now declared a public emergency

You’ll find this on a lot of outlets that carry AP news.

WASHINGTON – The U.S. declared a public health emergency Sunday to deal with the emerging new swine flu, much like the government does to prepare for approaching hurricanes.

Officials reported 20 U.S. cases of swine flu in five states so far, with the latest in Ohio and New York. Unlike in Mexico where the same strain appears to be killing dozens of people, cases in the United State have been mild — and U.S. health authorities can’t yet explain why.

Hope you got your preparations done.  If you haven’t already, get a small stock of N95 masks, gloves (latex, nitrile, or vinyl), sanitizer gel and/or alcohol, and make a casual attempt to avoid large groups of people and mass transit.  Personally I’m still going to go to work, still get groceries, and still live life – this is just the time to go through that mental checklist. 

Swine flu, coming to a town near you!

Okay, JWR is pretty much a crackpot, but he has a lot of good info.  There’s a new flu outbreak that’s being called the swine flu or mexican flu, even the CDC is reporting on it.  It doesn’t appear to be very deadly, but it’s hard to keep down.

The Mexican Flu and You

Protecting Your Family From an Influenza Pandemic

Any way, buy some breathing masks, think about avoiding mass transit and large groups of people, and prepare to spend a week or two mostly at home.

This is how the zombie apocalypse begins…