Basic nootropics

So you want to feed your brain what it needs to think faster?  These are compounds that

Cognitive Function


Piracetam – Increases cognitive function, memory recall.  500-2000 mg

Aniracetam – Increases memory storage but causes a “sleepyhead” or dream-walking feeling in some.  100-500 mg

Pramiracetam – More concentrated piracetam.  20-50 mg

Nefiracetam – ?


These make your brain burn more choline than normal.  You’ll want artificial supplements.  Take these on an empty stomach, otherwise the liver will hijack them for glycogenesis.  The choline in 1200 mg of lecithin matches what is needed for about 800 mg of piracetam.

Lecithin – cheap and available.  1200-3600 mg

Alpha GPC – more expensive.

CDP-Choline – even more expensive, but crosses the BBB easier. 200-800 mg


Caffeine – causes increased cognitive function, but can cause jitters and nervousness. 100-500 mg.

L-Theanine – Synergistic with caffeine, found in green tea too.  Reduces physical and mental stress. 50-200 mg.

Fish oil – provides base nutrition.  1000-4000 mg.


Melatonin – hormone associated with sleeping. 3-6 mg.

Valerian root – promotes sleep. 500 mg.


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